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Metropolitan Summary Report - AHS 1974

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This report presents summary statistical data from the 1974 American Housing Survey (AHS). Topics covered include single-family homes, apartments, manufactured housing, vacant units, family composition, income, housing and neighborhood quality, housing costs, HVAC equipment, appliances, fuel type, and recent moves.

American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas: 1974

Official metropolitan summary report in PDF format, including all tables and appendices.

pdf   Boston   [8.35 MB]
pdf   Dallas   [5.29 MB]
pdf   Detroit   [8.29 MB]
pdf   Ft. Worth   [5.28 MB]
pdf   Memphis   [4.54 MB]
pdf   Minneapolis-St Paul   [4.02 MB]
pdf   Newark   [5.18 MB]
pdf   Orlando   [4.76 MB]
pdf   Phoenix   [5.01 MB]
pdf   Pittsburgh   [4.44 MB]
pdf   Saginaw   [4.90 MB]
pdf   Salt Lake City   [4.33 MB]
pdf   Spokane   [3.91MB]
pdf   Tacoma   [4.32 MB]
pdf   Washington   [9.43 MB]
pdf   Wichita   [4.64 MB]
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