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AHS 2011 National Summary Tables

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This report presents summary statistical data from the 2011 American Housing Survey (AHS).  Topics covered include single-family homes, apartments, manufactured housing, vacant units, family composition, income, housing and neighborhood quality, housing costs, HVAC equipment, appliances, fuel type, remodeling and repair, and recent moves.

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AHS Table Creator estimates were revised with new weights on July 17, 2019 following the re-release of the 2011 Public Use File (PUF) v2.0.  The Excel version will not be updated using the new weights, but will remain online for comparative analysis.  Please use the AHS Table Creator for the most current estimates.  For more information, see AHS Table Creator Release Notes.

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AHS Table Creator

Summary data are now available on the AHS Table Creator.

A complete set of summary tables and standard errors aggregated into a single Excel workbook.

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