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The following instructions are for participants who will use the Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) Partnership Tools to respond to the BAS.

These tools were developed in Python 2.7 and Modelbuilder for ArcGIS 10 or higher (not including ArcGIS Pro). They will continue to be supported at this level until the 2020 Census has occurred after which they may be adapted for other Arc products or updated for the latest version of ArcGIS Desktop.

Download Tools

Component ID: #ti1707323601

Download and Install Instructions

Please use the following instructions to download and use the tools in ArcGIS. More detailed instructions can be found in the Digital BAS Respondent Guide.

  1. Please select the "Download BAS Partnership Tools" link above and click "OK" when the prompt asks if you would like to download the file. You may need Administrator privileges on your computer to complete the install. Unzip the package and move the entire contents of the unzipped package to a folder on your computer that you would like to work in.
  2. Open ArcCatalog or ArcMap.
  3. Open the ArcToolbox window. Right click in the white space. Click on Add Toolbox. Navigate to the location you saved the extracted DBAS folder and then into the setup folder. Click on the Digital BAS Partnership Tools and click “OK.” The toolbox should appear in your list of toolboxes.

    To display the tools in ArcCatalog:

    Open the Navigator pane in ArcCatalog. Navigate to the location you saved the extracted DBAS folder and then into the setup folder. The toolbox should appear there.
  4. The tools should now be ready to use in ArcMap and ArcCatalog.

Component ID: #ti1739746139

Data Download Instructions

  1. Expand the DBAS folder and the setup subfolder. In the setup folder, find the Partnership toolbox. Expand the toolbox and double click on 1) Census Data Download.
  2. There are two ways to use this tool: one that downloads the data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the user and one that takes in a folder with the Census Bureau data already downloaded.
    • Enter the 11-digit BAS ID in the User’s BAS ID field.
    • Select Yes or No under the Use Data Downloader? field. If you select No, you must enter a path to the already downloaded partnership shapefiles in the next field.
    • If you select Yes, the data will be downloaded via the tool. Navigate or drag the folder into Path to ZIP files field. Make sure the folder only contains the Census Bureau ZIP files to ensure there are no future data issues
  3. Click OK to run.
  4. When this tool is complete, there should now be a folder for the BAS ID in the projects folder. Inside that folder, there will be a geodatabase with reference data in it and an archive folder.

For additional information on functionality, as well as guidelines for updating and editing your BAS data using the BAS Partnership Tools, please refer to the Digital BAS Respondent Guide (linked below) or the Partnership Toolbox Overview (included with the tools). Questions about the installation process or data download, as well as general BAS questions can be directed through email to: or by phone to: 1-800-972-5651.

Component ID: #ti1933944796

View and Download the Respondent Guide

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