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Boundary Quality Project


The Boundary Quality project is a project to assess, analyze, and improve the spatial quality of legal and administrative boundaries within the U.S. Census Bureau’s Master Address File/Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (MAF/TIGER) System. Ensuring quality boundaries is a critical component of the geographic preparations for decennial censuses and the Census Bureau’s ongoing geographic partnership programs. In addition, the improvement of boundary quality is an essential element of the Census Bureau’s commitment as the responsible agency for legal boundaries under the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A­‐16.

The Boundary Quality project represents the first effort to systematically target and assess boundary quality within the Geography Division (GEO). Historically, GEO has relied exclusively on the Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) to obtain corrections to legal boundaries. While BAS has played an essential role in improving boundary quality, it is primarily a boundary maintenance project, not a comprehensive boundary quality improvement process. The goal of the Boundary Quality project is to establish a new accurate baseline for boundaries within an entire state or county, which BAS would then maintain by collecting individual annexations and deannexations on a transaction basis as they occur over the years.  Please note that participation in the Boundary Quality project does not affect participation in BAS. Participants will still be able to submit updates via BAS.

States That Have Completed Boundary Quality Project Legal Geographies:

Completed legal geographies for each state are in parenthesis.

  • Alaska (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Arizona (County)
  • Arkansas (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Colorado (Incorporated Place)
  • Florida (Incorporated Place)
  • Idaho (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Illinois (Incorporated Place, County Subdivision, County)
  • Kansas (Incorporated Place)
  • Kentucky (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Louisiana (Parish)
  • Massachusetts (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Michigan (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Minnesota (Incorporated Place)
  • Montana (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Nebraska (County)
  • New Hampshire (County)
  • New Jersey (Incorporated Place, County Subdivision, County)
  • New Mexico (Incorporated Place, County)
  • North Carolina (County)
  • North Dakota (Incorporated Place)
  • Oklahoma (County)
  • Oregon (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Rhode Island (Incorporated Place, County Subdivision, County)
  • Utah (County)
  • Virginia (Incorporated Place, County)
  • Washington (Incorporated Place)
  • Wisconsin (Incorporated Place)


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