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Longitudinal Firm Trade Transactions Database (LFTTD)

The Longitudinal Firm Trade Transactions Database (LFTTD) links individual trade transactions to the U.S. firms that make them. That is, it links export transactions to the U.S. exporter and import transactions to the U.S. importer. The LFTTD contains the same firm identifier found in many other Census data products. This allows linkages between the LFTTD and other Census data products such as the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD), the Economic Censuses, and other surveys.

The export and import transactions in the LFTTD are the universe of trade transactions data collected by the Customs Bureau during the importation or exportation process, containing value, date, country of origin or destination, quantity, HS code, and other variables. For details, see example forms for importation (CBP 7501) and an example of the shipper’s export declaration.

LFTTD Restricted–Use Microdata


Economic – Transactions Data






Census Bureau

Unit of Enumeration





This is a transaction by firm level dataset. The number of observations varies by year.

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More Information

Bernard, A. B., Jensen, J.B., Schott, P.K., 2009. Importers, Exporters, and Multinationals: A Portrait of Firms in the U.S. that Trade Goods. In Producer Dynamics: New Evidence from Micro Data, University of Chicago Press.

Kamal, Fariha, and Wei Ouyang, 2020. Identifying U.S. Merchandise Traders: Integrating Customs Transactions with Business Administrative Data. CES Discussion Paper Series, CES-WP-20-28.

Page Last Revised - October 13, 2023
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