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Research Using the Innovation Measurement Initiative's (IMI) UMETRICS Data

IMI's Universities: Measuring the Impacts of Research on Innovation, Competitiveness, and Science (UMETRICS) data are useful for analyzing the social and economic effects of research investments; the scientific production function; the career outcomes and earnings of graduate students and trainees; questions pertaining to science and engineering workforce and the STEM pipeline; and many other possible topics. The Census Bureau partnered with the University of Michigan's Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS)This link to a non-federal Web site does not imply endorsement of any particular product, company, or content. to provide data driven insights into the impact of research funding on the broader economy. Work in progress by researchers utilizing IMI UMETRICS data will provide more detailed analyses of entrepreneurial outcomes and human capital, the economic effects of research related to food safety, and the relationship between research funding and subsequent entrepreneurship for various demographic groups.

About the Current Data Release

The 2018 IMI UMETRICS data release includes information on awards, wage payments from awards to university research employees, vendor purchases, subcontracts, and the unit performing the funded research for 26 universities, released in May 2018. University employee data are linked to internal Census Bureau data products, such as the Decennial Census, American Communities Survey, Longitudinal Employee-Employer Household Dynamics database (LEHD), integrated Longitudinal Business Database, and other demographic information. Vendors paid by research grants are linked to the Business Register, Longitudinal Business Database, and the LEHD, providing researchers with a comprehensive view on the businesses associated with the production of scientific research.

The dataset includes transactions from approximately 300,000 federal and non-federal awards including payments to over 350,000 individuals as well as payments to over 600,000 vendors, sub-contractors, and other research performers totaling $27 billion. We integrate this information with detailed data on over 300,000 federal and non-federal awards.

The next release of IMI UMETRICS data is planned for May 2019, and each spring thereafter.


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