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The U.S. Census Bureau offers customized courses and workshops on a wide variety of topics. In order to complement this traditional training program, the Census Bureau is also offering e-learning courses on selected topics. All e-learning courses are interactive and free of charge.

To take a Census Bureau e-learning course, simply click on a topic below. A short description of the course will appear along with a link to start the course. Courses contain quizzes to test your knowledge. However, the Census Bureau will not keep any record of your scores.

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Planning and Managing a Census

Quality planning and management are vital to a successful census and necessary to achieve meaningful, accurate, and timely census results. This course provides an overview of planning and management considerations for conducting a population and housing census. The first session describes conditions that are important for establishing a strong foundation for a census. The second session provides an introduction to project management practices that can be applied to planning and monitoring census activities. The final session is a case study that applies lessons from the previous sessions to the publicity and outreach phase of the census.

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Introduction to Census Cartography

The effectiveness of geographic and mapping processes as part of a census has a strong impact on the quality and completeness of the data. This course centers on the following aspects of geographic processes for a population and housing census: geographic and cartographic terminology, administrative and census boundaries, data creation and topology, and maintaining a cartographic system.

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Census Questionnaire Content and Design

The content of a questionnaire determines the data that will be gathered in a census. The questionnaire design is essential for effective enumeration and data capture. This course will cover essential aspects of population and housing census questionnaire content and design, including choosing questionnaire topics and wording, matching questionnaire design to your data capture system, and testing your questionnaire.

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Census Field Operations

The effectiveness of field operations for a Census has high impact on the quality and completeness of the data. This course centers on the following aspects of field operations for a population and housing census: hierarchy, recruitment, and remuneration, field operations manuals and training, monitoring field operations, and distributing and returning materials.

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Census Data Dissemination

Data dissemination is the final step of the census and the ultimate goal of the preceding steps. This course emphasizes the importance of meeting data user needs for timely, accurate, and accessible data through clear communication of information and user-friendly data products.

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Introduction to Demography

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a broad and general understanding of fundamental demographic measurements and their interpretation. This course offers experience calculating widely utilized fertility, mortality, and migrations measurements, as well as some of the basic tools employed when conducting demographic analysis.

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Gender Analysis Using Statistical Data

This course provides an overiew of statistics and measurement strategies useful in conducting gender analysis. The course focuses on four key areas: gender-based violence, economic disparity, health disparity, and disparity in the social realm.

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Census Publicity and Partnerships

A well-planned and executed publicity program is integral to the success of a census. Publicity can improve data quality and reduce cost by increasing respondent familiarity with the timing and benefits of census data. This course provides an overview of publicity and information on the types of media and partnerships that make up an integrated publicity plan.

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