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Technical Assistance

The U.S. Census Bureau provides technical assistance to countries for census and survey activities. Technical assistance activities are based on an assessment of existing competencies and identification of specific needs of a national statistical organization. In-country technical assistance programs range from short, one-time training activities to multi-year projects with multiple visits. Census Bureau staff partner with government officials, subject matter specialists, data clerks, and others in national statistical offices to provide one-on-one training and technical support, as well as workshops for larger groups.

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Workshops are training programs lasting from one to six weeks that are conducted by Census Bureau staff with international experience. Workshops generally focus on a specific technical skill (e.g., programming, sampling, statistical analysis, writing) for a specific stage of a census or survey (e.g., planning, field operations, data processing, dissemination).

Workshops conducted overseas are tailored to fit the needs of a specific country or region. Often workshops are conducted to support some ongoing program of technical assistance. Before conducting a workshop overseas, the Census Bureau sends personnel to assess the needs of the statistical organization, check out available facilities, and make contact with potential participants or the coordinators selecting participants. For single-country workshops, the host country determines the course topics and appropriate skill level of participants with input from the funding partner(s) and Census Bureau staff.

Host countries are responsible for setting up training sites (selecting locations, procuring equipment, etc.) and making arrangements for participants. The Census Bureau workshop instructors require funding for travel, accommodations, stipends for living expenses, and salary for the time needed for course development and instruction. When workshops use existing course materials, funding for the staff salary component is only needed to cover instruction time. Funding for Census Bureau staff is generally covered by the sponsoring donor agencies.

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Training of Trainers

Although the primary objective of the training program is to train statisticians and technicians in the practical skills needed to plan and carry out surveys, censuses, and numerous other statistical activities, the training program also includes a small training-of-trainers component in an effort to encourage participants to assist others in developing similar skills.

For participants whose duties include the design and implementation of an in-service training program, the Census Bureau offers training to develop the knowledge and skills needed to carry out these duties more effectively. The special-purpose training of trainers program enables staff members of national or regional statistical and data processing training centers to work with Census Bureau instructional staff members to jointly prepare training materials. Trainers whose duties include training of census or survey field and office staff can learn specialized skills for preparing and presenting verbatim training. As with all Census Bureau training programs, participants and host countries are responsible for securing funding to cover all costs and arranging accommodations for participants.

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