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Changes to Detailed Operating Expense Items

Changes to Detailed Operating Expense Items

In an effort to decrease respondent burden, the amount of detailed operating expense items has been reduced for the 2018 Service Annual Survey.  Several items have been removed, and are being consolidated into new and /or existing items. Changes to the questionnaire include the following:


 New Items

  • ‘Employer’s cost for fringe benefits’ is the consolidation of the following prior survey items:
    • ‘Health insurance’
    • ‘Defined benefit pension plans’
    • ‘Defined contribution plans’
    • ‘Payroll taxes, employer paid insurance premiums (except health), and other employer benefits’
  • ‘Expensed equipment, materials, parts, and supplies (not for resale)’ is the consolidation of the following prior survey items:
    • ‘Expensed equipment’
    • ‘Expensed purchases of other materials, parts, and supplies’


Items Removed- These expenses will now be captured within the ‘All other operating expenses’ item.

  • ‘Data processing and other purchased computer services’ 
  • ‘Purchased communication services’
  • ‘Purchased repairs and maintenance to machinery and equipment’
  • ‘Purchased repairs and maintenance to buildings, structures, and offices’
  • ‘Purchased electricity’ 
  • ‘Purchased fuels (except motor fuels)’ 
  • ‘Water, sewer, refuse removal, and other utility payments’ 
  • 'Lease and rental payments for machinery, equipment, and other tangible items’ 
  • ‘Lease and rental payments for land, buildings, structures, store spaces, and offices’ 
  • ‘Purchased professional and technical services’ 
  • ‘Purchased advertising and promotional services’
  • ‘Government taxes and license fees’


For a detailed view of respondent forms, please visit the Service Annual Survey Questionnaires Page.

Page Last Revised - October 8, 2021
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