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With the release of the 2017 Services Annual Survey in November 2018, E-commerce data series for services industries will be discontinued.  New data series for Revenue from Electronic Sources will be introduced.


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These new data series are the result of questionnaire changes highlighted in this notice.  These changes were initiated in response to cognitive testing of survey participants conducted in 2017.  This testing indicated that some services respondents were not including certain categories of electronic revenues in their response, such as sales generated from third-party websites and electronic systems other than public-facing websites.  The new questions clarify the multiple types of revenue from electronic sources that are included in this data.

If you have any further questions about this change, please contact Andrew Baer at 301-763-3183 or at

Question that appeared on the Services Annual Survey prior to reference year 2017

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Questions that appeared on the Services Annual Survey in reference year 2017

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