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The Survey of State Government Research and Development is the only source for comprehensive, uniform statistics regarding the extent of Research and Development activity performed and funded by departments and agencies in each of the nation's 50 state governments, the government of the District of Columbia, and the government of Puerto Rico. State governments play an important role in advancing knowledge - notably through their support of academic research - and in promoting science and technology-based economic development. They also undertake their own research in support of government functions over which states have influence and responsibility, such as those related to transportation, health, and the environment and natural resources.


Includes State government departments, agencies, commissions, public authorities, institutions, and other entities that operate separately or somewhat autonomously from the central state government but where the state government maintains administrative or fiscal control over their activities. Reported data are for state government fiscal years; collection begins approximately four months after the fiscal year ends, and continues for approximately seven months.


Data include total expenditure for R&D, capital outlays for R&D-related facilities, and information on both intramural and extramural R&D funding and performance.  Expenditures for intramural performance include data by source of funds (i.e., federal, state, non-federal government, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and higher education institutions) and type of R&D (i.e., basic research, applied research, and experimental development).  Expenditures for extramural R&D include data by source of funds, type of performer (i.e., higher education institutions, companies and individuals, non-profit organizations, other governments and other performers).  Information is also available for total R&D by government function (i.e., agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources, health, transportation, and other) and federal funding for R&D by state and federal agency. Data on R&D employment counts and full-time-equivalents, including how many researchers, technicians, support staff.


The Survey of State Government Research and Development is an annual survey. The U.S. Census Bureau has been the data collection agent for National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) within the National Science Foundation (NSF) since the 2006 survey. 


The survey is a self-administered questionnaire for state agency respondents.  The respondent questionnaire consists of one screening question, intended to reduce the burden on agencies respondents who did not have qualifying R&D expenditures during the fiscal year surveys, seven questions regarding R&D related expenditures and two questions regarding R&D employment. Data collection are subjected to automated data correction procedures using a combination of logical edits incorporated into the survey instrument, as well as telephone and e-mail to follow-up with survey respondents by staff members from the Census Bureau for any other data anomalies.  A request to each state governors’ office was placed to identify a coordinator. The state coordinator were provided with a list of potential state agencies, which have the authority or capacity to fund or perform R&D.  Coordinators reviewed and revised agency contact information, and when necessary either added agencies to be surveyed or removed agencies from the survey before questionnaires are sent to agency respondents.


The National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics releases detailed report and detailed statistical tables on their website.


The National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) within the National Science Foundation sponsors surveys of Research and Development activities of Federal and State agencies, higher education institutions, and private industries. The results of these surveys provide a consistent information base for government officials, state government officials and policy makers, industry professionals, and researchers to use in formulating public policy and planning in science and technology. These surveys allow for the analysis of current and historical trends in research and development in the U.S., as well as comparisons with other countries.  For more information please visit NCSES at: https://nsf.gov/statistics/about-ncses.cfm.

Page Last Revised - September 20, 2022
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