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About this Survey

The Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) is a household-based survey designed as a continuous series of national panels. Each panel generally features a large sample of households that are interviewed multiple times over a four-year period. SIPP data provide the most comprehensive information available on how the nation’s economic well-being changes over time, which has been SIPP’s defining characteristic since its inception in 1983. 

SIPP provides data on a variety of topics. This allows for the examination of, for example, the interaction between tax, transfer, and other government and private policies with multiple social and demographic characteristics. Government policy makers also depend heavily on SIPP for information on the distribution of income and the success of government assistance programs. SIPP collects information for assistance received either directly as money or indirectly as in-kind benefits. 

Information about the Social Security Administration (SSA) Supplement


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