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The SOMA is designed to provide estimates of the rate at which privately financed, nonsubsidized units in buildings with five or more units are rented or sold (absorbed).

The universe of interest for the SOMA consists of the units within privately-financed multifamily residential buildings with five or more units. SOMA does not include buildings completed in areas that do not issue permits

Buildings for SOMA come from those included in the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction (SOC). Since SOMA uses the sample from SOC, we begin by describing the sample design of SOC.

The SOMA is a sample survey and consequently all estimates in this report are subject to sampling variability. Since the statistics produced from the SOMA are estimates derived from a sample, they will differ from the “true values” being estimated. There are two types of errors, which cause estimates based on a sample survey to differ from the true value: sampling error and nonsampling error.

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