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Special Census data products are based on responses to the decennial census short form questionnaire.

This publication describes each question and can be provided to community residents that want more information on how their answers may be used.

Individual responses are voluntary and confidential. This notice is provided to every respondent in a group quarters.

Individual responses are voluntary and confidential. This notice is provided to each respondent of a household, by the Special Census Enumerator.

Component ID: #ti589186527

A governmental unit receives several data products once data collection, data capture, and tabulation is complete - usually within 6 to 7 months after a Memorandum of Agreement and payment has been received. Customer needs and Census Bureau scheduling requirements will affect when data products are delivered to the customer.

Component ID: #ti589186525

Primary Data Product

The primary data product provided to each participating governmental unit is a letter from the Director of the U.S. Census Bureau that verifies their Special Census population and housing count as Official Census Statistics. Full Special Censuses include the entire jurisdiction based on recent boundaries provided by the governmental unit. Partial Special Censuses only include specific blocks requested by the governmental unit, usually representing areas that have experienced high growth since the last census.

Frequent updates are made to this site as additional official statistics are released.

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Additional Data Products

Additional data products may be provided to the governmental unit, including demographic profiles for the total area counted if Disclosure Review Board policies and criteria are met. The governmental unit receives a data table that illustrates population and housing counts for each individual block counted during the Special Census. These data products are provided to the governmental unit in Microsoft Excel or ASCII format and are described in detail in the publication below. Upon request, printed data products can be provided to the governmental unit.

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