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Custom Tabulations

Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB) staff prepare custom tabulations from the County Business Patterns data. Such tabulations are prepared on a fee-for-service basis. Custom tabulation pricing is determined by the complexity, quality assurance, and level of expertise needed and will vary by tabulation.

Data in these tabulations are summaries subject to the same rules prohibiting disclosure of confidential company-specific information that govern regular Census Bureau publications.

Once produced by the Census Bureau, all custom tabulations will be available upon request to the public for the cost of reproduction.

Requests for custom tabulation cost estimates, as well as exact specifications for the type and format of the data requested, should be directed to the SUSB staff by Email or by phone at 301.763.3321.

Learn more about Custom Tabulation Disclosure Avoidance on the ask.census.gov site.

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