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Race Visualizations

A typical Census Bureau visualization is a visual presentation of data made with charts, tables, maps, and other graphic elements. Visualizations are often interactive and contain text for labeling, but do not have the narrative text of infographics. Like infographics, they are effective because they simplify information and make use of the human ability to see patterns and trends.

Most of our visualizations can be shared, embedded, downloaded, and printed. We provide source and methodology information.

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Aging Asia
This infographic shows trends and transitions in the world's most populous continent.
Asian American NHOPI Month: Employer Businesses Continuing in 2023
This graphic shows the percentage of firms that expected to continue operations in 2023.
Black Education on the Rise
Population age 25 and older with a bachelor's degree or higher.
Community Resilience Estimates For Equity
The CRE program provides an easily understood metric of how at-risk every county and neighborhood (census tract) is in the United States.
Detailed Races and Ethnicities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico: 2020 Census
Explore population counts for detailed race and ethnicity groups and American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and villages for the nation, states, and counties.
Educational Attainment for Selected Detailed NHOPI Groups
This graphic shows educational attainment for selected detailed NHOPI Groups, percentage of the population 25 years and over.
Exploring Age Groups in the 2020 Census
Learn about age, sex, and racial and ethnic diversity for states, counties, and census tracts.
Family Groups: 2023
This visualization presents estimates for family groups in the United States by race/ethnicity.
Highlighting Multigenerational Households in Recognition of AIAN Month
This graphic shows states with the highest number of AIAN households with three generations or more.
Homeownership by Race and Ethnicity of Householder
View the differences in homeownership rate, number of homeowners, and number of housing units between 2010 and 2020.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
View changes in the nation's African American population since 1964.
Parent/Child Family Groups With Children Under 18
This visualization filters by race/ethnicity and family type for family groups.
Unmarried Ratio of Men to Women Aged 18 and Over
View the unmarried ratio of men to women by age group or by race and Hispanic origin.
Who Is Receiving Social Safety Net Benefits?
View the percentage of individuals receiving select social safety net benefits.
Working From Home
Percentage of businesses that allowed employees to work from home by race.
Page Last Revised - December 16, 2021
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