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Disclosure Avoidance at the Census Bureau is built on years of development in traditional disclosure avoidance methodologies, and cutting-edge research into the techniques that will protect respondent confidentiality for years to come. The Center for Enterprise Dissemination - Disclosure Avoidance is the Census Bureau's in-house development team into the newest disclosure avoidance technologies.

The Census Bureau is transitioning to a new, state-of-the-art privacy protection system to uphold our Title 13 confidentiality oath and to keep pace with emerging threats in today’s digital world. We have committed to producing 2020 Census data results using a formally private system built on a set of differentially private algorithms, the most significant advance in disclosure avoidance science in decades. It will also be the first census and largest dataset anywhere to use this technique.

All questions on the disclosure avoidance methodologies of the Census Bureau can be directed towards:

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