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The Rocky Mountain Research Data Center (RMRDC) is part of a national network of federal statistical research data centers, and it is the first to be established in the Rocky Mountain region. The RMRDC is a secure research environment where qualified researchers with approved projects conduct statistical analyses of nonpublic data collected by the Census Bureau and other federal statistical agencies. All of the major research institutions along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains are encouraged to generate collaborative and innovative RDC projects in economics, demography, and in the spatial, environmental, and health sciences.

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Executive Director

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Jani Little, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate, Colorado University Population Center, Institute of Behavioral Science; Adjunct Faculty in Quantitative Methods, Geography Department, University of Colorado Boulder

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Contact Information

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Philip Pendergast, Ph.D., Administrator

Rocky Mountain Research Data Center
Institute of Behavioral Science
1440 15th St
Boulder, CO 80309


Email Philip Pendergast

Component ID: #ti1129186276

Partner Institutions

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The operation of each Federal Statistical Research Data Center (RDC) is supported by both the Census Bureau and RDC partner institutions. Some RDC partner institutions form consortiums to share the operational costs of the RDC and may waive user fees for their affiliates. Several RDCs have built branch locations to reduce the cost of researchers commuting to the core location while still maintaining the identical stringent information technology and physical security requirements.

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