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Opened in 2014 at the University of Southern California, the USC RDC seeks to provide qualified researchers across California with the opportunity to perform statistical analysis on non-public federal statistical microdata. USC is the newest member of the California Research Data Center, a joint project with Stanford University, UC Berkeley and UCLA.

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Executive Director

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Rodney Ramcharan, Ph.D.

Rodney Ramcharan is an Associate Professor of Fiancne and Business Economics at USC Marshall School of Business. He has worked at the Board Governors of the Federal Reserve System, serving as the first chief of the Systemic Financial Institutions and Markets. He has also worked for the International Monetary Fund. Rodney has also been a visiting scholar at the Dutch National Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and served as a consultant to the Swedish Riksbank. Rodney’s research agenda has been shaped by the important policy questions encountered at these institutions. 

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Contact Information

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Nate Ramsey, Ph.D., Acting Admininstrator
Californina Research Data Center 
University of Southern California


Email: Nate Ramsey

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Partner Institutions

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The operation of each Federal Statistical Research Data Center (RDC) is supported by both the Census Bureau and RDC partner institutions. Some RDC partner institutions form consortiums to share the operational costs of the RDC and may waive user fees for their affiliates. Several RDCs have built branch locations to reduce the cost of researchers commuting to the core location while still maintaining the identical stringent information technology and physical security requirements.

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