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Data Linkage Infrastructure Community

What We Link

The Data Linkage Infrastructure enables data discovery and secure analytic access for policy analysis and research.  Data Linkage Infrastructure relies on the Census Bureau’s authority to access government records and collect data for statistical purposes, and leverages the Census Bureau’s data stewardship culture, policies, and practices.

The Data Linkage Infrastructure includes the protocols by which we obtain government records, metadata and documentation on the files, linkage methods and results, warehousing and provisioning data, and sharing results of prior linkages.

The Census Bureau has a long history of leveraging existing data to improve data quality, control data collection costs, reduce respondent burden, and develop new data products.  Today’s uses of administrative records and record linkage are grounded in strong laws that guide how the Census Bureau both accesses and protects administrative records.

The Data Linkage Infrastructure Community pages house key information for researchers, policymakers, academics, program evaluators and other stakeholders for navigating the Census Bureau's data linkage infrastructure.

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