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Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Census Bureau. Our country has a growing need for quality data to manage the increasing complexities of its people, places, and economy. U.S. companies have the capabilities to help us succeed.

As we approach the 2020 Census, in addition to ongoing surveys such as the American Community Survey, there will be more business opportunities for vendors to support the mission of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Working with Census - Areas of Interest

2020 Census

The Census Bureau is fundamentally changing the way we will conduct the decennial census, which is the largest civilian mobilization in the US.  Our goal is to design and conduct the 2020 Census to cost less than the 2010 Census (when adjusted for inflation) while maintaining the highest levels of quality. The Census Bureau has identified major innovations oriented around technology and the strategic use of information to reign in those costs: better address validation (the foundation of an accurate census is an accurate address frame), better response options (making the census as mobile and convenient as possible), better use of existing information, and better field operations (incorporating operational best practices).

Systems development to support the infrastructure to handle data collection and processing is crucial for the 2020 Census, and we are moving to a smarter, more cost-efficient enterprise level strategy to manage core information technology aspects for all of our censuses and surveys.

At the core of this modern system we are building is our continued commitment to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of individuals’ information.  Confidentially and privacy is the very core of the Census Bureau’s mission and deeply ingrained in our culture. We protect the information the public provides with a robust, comprehensive, and layered cyber security system.

Information Technology Directorate (ITD)

  • Cloud – The Census Bureau desires to adopt nimble cloud services to supplement, or perhaps replace, the traditional build-out of dedicated infrastructure in a data center. The Census Bureau is seeking to adopt a hybrid cloud approach to meet its secure computing and storage needs.
  • Internet – Crowdsourcing – The Census Bureau is seeking creative solutions to its complex challenges of collecting data from citizens and businesses across the country, primarily to derive more value from the thousands of statistical estimates it produces. We continue to look to crowdsourcing to bring more value and recognition to the Census Bureau brand, increase transparency and public trust in the Census Bureau, and expand our engagement with the public.
  • Shared Services - Historically, Census Bureau programs have designed and developed independent systems for executing the Census Bureau’s 100+ censuses and surveys. Today, the Census Bureau is committed to shared services as a means to harness the benefits of enterprise-wide solutions over duplicative, single-use solutions for operations and technology.

2020 Census Integrated Communications Program

The U.S. Census Bureau is conducting market research to support planning for the 2020 Census Integrated Communications Program.

In 2014, the Census Bureau issued a Request for Information (RFI) to learn more about the communications industry, best practices currently available within the industry regarding projects of this magnitude, and the capabilities of companies in the industry. Based on the information provided, and as part of its ongoing market research, the U.S. Census Bureau may contact individual respondents for additional information or clarification if needed. All information provided will be kept confidential and will be utilized for market research purposes directly related to the 2020 Census Integrated Communications Program.

Research and Methodology Directorate

The Research and Methodology Directorate performs research into innovative methods and products, and established methodologies in support of collaborative research that leads to new products and processes.  Some major activities underway are:

  • Modernizing the Production of Economic and Social Statistics – Includes Research of Big Data, Adaptive Survey Design and Administrative Records
  • Innovative Data Products – Develop and maintain production of many innovative data products resulting from research efforts on business and employment dynamics thru Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics and Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS)
  • New Tools for Data Dissemination and Access – Supports dissemination applications and tools such as DataWeb, Census API, QWI Explorer, OnTheMap for Emergency Management and BDS Visualizations. 
  • Statistical Research Program – conducts a broad program of research that impact bureau-wide programs

Page Last Revised - November 19, 2021
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