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Component ID: #ti841423109

Period: 8/10/2017 to present
Charter date: 8/10/2017

The purpose of the administrative data working group is to offer recommendations on:

  • the need to reinforce the urgency to collect and use state-specific data sets that will be useful in determining vacant, non-existent and occupied housing units. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are willing to share usage, sources, and coverage. Will be sharing the final resources later in the year. Exploring administrative data for addresses in NRFU (includes parcel & MLS), in determining the characteristics of those households and individuals
  • what resources are available at state level for administrative records
  • the effects on differential undercounts
  • examining alternative statistical algorithms and their impact on variance relating to state based on data availability as one size does not fit all for the nation
  • comparisons of cases that are administrative record outcomes vs. data collected from actual household respondents at the same address
  • assessing current approach in using administrative data. Research how cutoffs are used in research determinations

Working Group Guidelines

pdf   Charter   [<1.0 MB]
Component ID: #ti392487961

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