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Component ID: #ti1270943989

Lead Agency for State:

Minnesota State Demographic Center
Minnesota Department of Adminstration
658 Cedar Street
300 Centennial Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55155
Susan Brower
Tel: (651) 201-2472
Internet site:

Component ID: #ti1606464358

Coordinating Agencies for State:

Minnesota Population Center
University of Minnesota
50 Willey Hall
225 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Wendy Thomas
Tel: (612) 624-4389
Fax: (612) 626-8375
Internet Site:

Metropolitan Council
390 Robert St North
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Matt Schroeder
Tel: (651) 602-1530
Fax: (651) 602-1674
Internet site:

Minnesota Compass - Wilder Research Center

451 Lexington Parkway North St.
Paul, MN 55104
Craig Helmstetter
Tel: (651) 280-2663
Internet site:

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