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Component ID: #ti1705705042

Lead Agency for State:

Population Research Center
Portland State University
506 SW Mill - URBN 780C
Portland, OR 97207-0751
Mr. Charles Rynerson
Tel: (503) 725-5157
Fax: (503) 725-5199
Internet site:

Component ID: #ti1494958717

Coordinating Agencies for State:

Oregon Employment Department
875 Union Street NE
Salem, OR 97311
Ms. Gail Krumenaer
Tel: (541) 947-3098

Document Center

University of Oregon Library
1501 Kincaid Street
Eugene, OR 97403-1299
Victoria Mitchell
Tel: (541) 346-1970
Fax: (541) 346-3485
Internet site:

Office of Economic Analysis

155 Cottage Street NE U20
Salem, OR 97310-3966
Kanhaiya L. Vaidya
Tel: (503) 378-4967
Fax: (503) 378-7643
Internet site:

Oregon State Library

250 Winter Street NE
Salem, OR 97310-0640
Ms. Alice LaViolette
Tel: (503) 378-5020
Fax: (503) 585-8059
Internet site:

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