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Custom Tabulations

The Census Bureau has the authority under 13 U.S.C § 8(b) to fulfill requests from the public for special statistical data products. The Census Bureau provides such products in keeping with its mission to collect, tabulate, and disseminate data about the nation's people and economy while protecting the confidentiality of all respondents.

Pricing - Pricing for custom tabulations will vary from each program area generating the tabulation. Several pricing factors that will determine final cost are the complexity of the request, number of resources needed, and timeframe of the request.

Public Disclosure - Requesters will be provided in part of an established agreement language informing the requester that the identity of the requester, the data product, and a description thereof will be made public as part of the Census Bureau's public disclosure standards.

Custom Tabulation Disclosure Avoidance

Learn more about Custom Tabulation Disclosure Avoidance on the site.


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