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Demographic Extract Files: Data Extracts

Child Tax Credit Research File Extract for 2022 CPS ASEC
This page provides the research file and data dictionary of alternative Child Tax Credit variables.

Public-use weights adjusting for nonresponse during the pandemic
The 2017-21 public-use entropy balance weight files use administrative, survey, and census data to adjust for nonresponse bias before and during the pandemic.

2018 CPS ASEC Bridge Files
The 2018 CPS ASEC Bridge File provides a dataset that is based on the recent CPS ASEC redesign and an updated processing system.

2017 CPS ASEC Research File
This page provides data sets and technical documentation regarding the implementation of the new data processing system.

CPS ASEC Split-Panel Tests for Health Insurance
This page presents data on the CPS ASEC Split-Panel Tests for health insurance coverage.

2014 CPS ASEC with Redesigned Income Questions
There were several changes made to the processing of the data from the redesigned questions. The files now posted differ slightly from the January 2015 files.

Housing Data Files
CPS ASEC extracts with the mortgage balance variable: 2004-2009.

Program Participation Data Files
CPS ASEC extracts with welfare reform, food stamp, subsidized school lunch and child care variables: 1998-2003.

Health Data Files
Various CPS ASEC extract files with data on offer and take-up of employer-sponsored coverage, current coverage and other health-related variables: 1994-2015.

Income and Poverty Data Files
Various CPS extract files with income, tax and poverty variables. Noncash/after-tax extracts for 1980-1990.

Demographic Extract Files: Miscellaneous Files
View and download miscellaneous demographic extract files.

Additional File Formats

Additional file formats can be accessed in our archives.

Page Last Revised - September 9, 2022
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