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Table 2

Reported Voting and Registration, by Race, Hispanic Origin, Sex, and Age, for the United States: November 2018

xls   All Races   [<1.0 MB]
xls   White Alone   [<1.0 MB]
xls   Black Alone   [<1.0 MB]
xls   Asian Alone   [<1.0 MB]
xls   Hispanic   [<1.0 MB]

Table 5

Reported Voting and Registration, by Age, Sex, and Educational Attainment: November 2018

xls   18 years and over   [<1.0 MB]
xls   18 to 24 years   [<1.0 MB]
xls   25 to 44 years   [<1.0 MB]
xls   45 to 64 years   [<1.0 MB]
xls   65 to 74 years   [<1.0 MB]
xls   75 years and over   [<1.0 MB]
Component ID: #ti683995483

Technical documentation, including Source and Accuracy of the Data, for the 2018 November Voting and Registration Supplement

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