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Census 2000 Public Use Microdata Area (PUMAs) Maps

Census 2000 Super-Public Use Microdata Area (Super-PUMA) Maps (1-percent sample)

Super-PUMAs (1-percent sample) comprise areas of at least 400,000 people and are aggregations of the smaller 5-percent Public Use Microdata Areas. These page sized state-based maps depict Super-PUMA boundaries and codes, state boundaries, and county boundaries and names. Inset maps are used when the Super-PUMA boundaries and codes cannot be displayed clearly on the page size state-based map. In that case, the area to be inset is shaded on the state map and the Super-PUMA detail is suppressed to avoid confusion. The corresponding inset area map containing the associated Super-PUMA detail is displayed either on the same page with the state-based map or on a separate, succeeding page.

Census 2000 Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) Maps (5-percent sample)

These page-sized Super-PUMA based maps display the boundaries and codes of the component 5-percent sample Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) within the Super-PUMA. Additionally, the maps show county boundaries and names along with census tract boundaries within the boundary of the subject Super-PUMA. Some gray shaded surrounding fringe area detail is included for orientation purposes. This fringe area includes international, state and county boundaries and names, as well as the neighboring Super-PUMA boundaries and codes. No census tract boundary information is shown in the fringe area of the map. With one Super_PUMA per page, most states include multiple pages. The first map in each set is the state-based Super-PUMA map which is included as a reference to the universe of PUMAs in each state.


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