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These maps show the boundaries, names and codes of urbanized areas, as well as the named features underlying the boundaries. They also show the boundaries, names and codes for American Indian/Alaska Native/Hawaiian home land areas, counties, county subdivisions, and places. These are large format maps, designed for output on 36" x 33" paper. The scale of the maps is optimized to keep the number of map sheets for each urbanized area to a minimum. The map scale and number of map sheets will vary by the size and complexity of the urbanized area.

These maps represent the UAs as reported in the May 1, 2002 Federal Register and do not reflect the corrections that were reported in the August 23, 2002 Federal Register notice. To view the federal register notices outlining the classification and criteria for Census 2000 urban areas, please see our Federal Register Notices page. To download lists of Census 2000 urbanized areas, please refer to the Census Bureau's Urban and Rural Classification page.

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