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Voting and Registration in the Election of November 1968

Report Number P20-192

About 68 percent of the civilian population, excluding persons residing in institutions, were reported as having voted in the November 1968 Presidential election according to the results of the Current Population Survey conducted by the Bureau of the Census in November 1968. An additional 7 percent were reported as being registered to vote but not casting a ballot, while 23 percent were reported as not eligible to vote because they were not registered. For the remaining 3 percent, there was either no report on the person's voting behavior or the household respondent did not know whether the person in question had voted or was registered.

This report presents the highlights from the November 1968 survey, through selected comparisons with the two previous election surveys conducted by the Bureau of the Census, and describes two special features of the 1968 survey. These two special features are a measurement of change in voting behavior between the 1964 and 1968 elections obtained in 1968 by asking respondents in 1968 about their voting behavior in 1964 and a more detailed presentation of reasons for nonregistration than appeared in previous reports.



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