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Report Number P70-11
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The relationship between education and economic standing has received considerable scrutiny. The simple conclusion, widely accepted and verified, is that a strong correlation exists between economic status and the education and abilities gained (or certificated) in formal and vocational schooling. Often, education is described by the number of years of school the individual has completed. This topic is examined here using somewhat different data: formal degrees received and the fields of study in which they are received.

This report presents tabulations from the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) regarding the educational attainment and background of the population of the United States. These tabulations show the numbers of persons by their highest attained degree level and the field of degree, along with some basic measures of their current economic and employment status. Other tabulations provide information about the coursework persons received while in high school, and the amount and types of work-related training individuals have experienced. All analyses are based on data collected as part of the third wave (interview) of the 1984 panel of the Survey of Income and Program Participation, gathered in the 4-month period from May to August 1984.

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