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Report Number P60-179
Leatha Lamison- White


Illustrates in charts and graphs several perspectives on income and wealth, including such topics as poverty and the ownership of homes and other assets.

The report begins with a discussion of the income of households and families, along with the earnings of persons working year-round and full-time. It follows with a study of poverty among persons and families, with separate statistics for persons who live alone or with those not related to them. Then, the report measures the effect of government benefits and taxes on income and poverty. The text concludes with a discussion of the net worth of households.

Each of these subjects appears in the brief statistical tables that follow the text. Moreover, the tables present these subjects by race, sex, and Hispanic origin. For some subjects, the tables indicate the year of the data or the age-group of the householder. For other subjects, the tables broadly classify the householder's occupation or assets, or specify the type of household.

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