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Report Number Volume 30, No. 11/12
Component ID: #ti1253600745

Monthly News From the U.S. Bureau of the Census

Inside this issue:

  • Las Vegas Tops in Growth Among Metro Areas
  • Poverty Was Less Prevalent In 1994
  • Child Care Costs – Greater Burden for the Poor
  • “Keep All the Topics,” Users Tell Us
  • New Houses Stay the Same in Median Size for Past 5 Years
  • Ginseng – And More!
  • Geographic Profile a Click Away!
  • New Computer Center Slated for Census
  • Planned Business Investment Totals $601 Billion in 1995
  • Manufacturing Data for States, Counties, and Cities
  • CD-ROM Shows Earnings for 594 Occupations
  • Two-Parent Families Up Slightly
  • One in Five Never-Married Women Have Children
  • Tanzania: Explosive Growth Under the Specter of AIDS
  • U.S. Statistics At A Glance
  • 1995 Index for Census and You
  • In Memoriam: Dr. Harry A. Scarr
  • All About Boomers

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