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USA Counties: 2011

The U.S. Census Bureau terminated the collection of data for the Statistical Compendia program effective October 1, 2011. The Statistical Compendia program is comprised of the Statistical Abstract of the United States and its supplemental products, including the USA Counties database. To access the most current data, please refer to the organizations cited in the source file.

The database for USA Counties features over 6,000 items. Files include data published for population estimates and many items from the 2000 and 2010 Census of Population and Housing, the American Community Survey 2005–2009, the 1990 census, the 1980 census and the 2007, 2002, 1997, 1992, 1987, 1982 and 1977 economic censuses.

Files contain a collection of data from the U.S. Census Bureau and other federal agencies, such as the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Social Security Administration.

Reference Information Files xls Flag_Reference.xls [<1.0 MB]
xls Footnote_Reference.xls [<1.0 MB]
xls Mastdata.xls [1.2 MB]
xls Mastgroups.xls [<1.0 MB]
xls Source.xls [<1.0 MB]
xls Unit_Reference.xls [<1.0 MB]
zip Ref.zip [<1.0 MB]

Accommodation and Food Services — NAICS only xls AFN01.xls [6.2 MB] zip AFN.zip [1.4 MB]
Age xls AGE01.xls [17 MB]
xls AGE02.xls [17 MB]
xls AGE03.xls [17 MB]
xls AGE04.xls [12 MB]
zip AGE.zip [12 MB]
zip AGE01.zip [14 MB]
Agriculture — NAICS only xls AGN01.xls [17 MB]
xls AGN02.xls [3.5 MB]
zip AGN.zip [4.8 MB]
Agriculture — SIC xls AGS01.xls [4.2 MB] zip AGS.zip [1.0 MB]
Ancestry xls ANC01.xls [17 MB]
xls ANC02.xls [17 MB]
xls ANC03.xls [<1.0 MB]
zip ANC.zip [7.8 MB]
Banking xls BNK01.xls [17 MB]
xls BNK02.xls [6.5 MB]
zip BNK.zip [5.1 MB]
Building Permits xls BPS01.xls [17 MB]
xls BPS02.xls [4.9 MB]
zip BPS.zip [4.8 MB]
Business, Private Nonfarm — (U.S. Census Bureau) — Total xls BZA01.xls [17 MB] zip BZA.zip [4.1 MB]
Business, Private Nonfarm — (U.S. Census Bureau) — NAICS xls BZN01.xls [17 MB]
xls BZN02.xls [17 MB]
xls BZN03.xls [17 MB]
xls BZN04.xls [17 MB]
xls BZN05.xls [17 MB]
xls BZN06.xls [9.0 MB]
zip BZN.zip [21 MB]
Business, Private Nonfarm — (U.S. Census Bureau) — SIC xls BZS01.xls [3.8 MB]
xls BZS02.xls [12 MB]
zip BZS.zip [<1.0 MB]
Civilian Labor Force (Bureau of Labor Statistics) xls CLF01.xls [15 MB] zip CLF.zip [3.5 MB]
Crime xls CRM01.xls [17 MB]
xls CRM02.xls [17 MB]
xls CRM03.xls [5.9 MB]
zip CRM.zip [8.9 MB]
Earnings, Total and Selected Industries (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — NAICS xls EAN01.xls [17 MB]
xls EAN02.xls [13 MB]
zip EAN.zip [7.0 MB]
Earnings, Total and Selected Industries (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — SIC xls EAS01.xls [2.1 MB] zip EAS.zi [<1.0 MB]
Education xls EDU01.xls [17 MB]
xls EDU02.xls [9.5 MB]
zip EDU.zip [6.2 MB]
Elections (CQ Press) xls ELE01.xls [15 MB] zip ELE.zip [3.4 MB]
Employment (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — NAICS xls EMN01.xls [17 MB]
xls EMN02.xls [8.9 MB]
zip EMN.zip [5.9 MB]
Employment (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — SIC xls EMS01.xls [2.1 MB] zip EMS.zip [<1.0 MB]
Federal Government xls FED01.xls [17 MB]
xls FED02.xls [17 MB]
xls FED03.xls [17 MB]
xls FED04.xls [11 MB]
zip FED.zip [15 MB]
Government (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — Earnings — NAICS xls GAN01.xls [7.3 MB] zip GAN.zip [1.8 MB]
Government (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — Earnings/Employment — SIC xls GEE01.xls [1.5 MB] zip GEE.zip [<1.0 MB]
Government (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — Employment — NAICS xls GEN01.xls [7.3 MB] zip GEN.zip [1.7 MB]
Health xls HEA01.xls [17 MB]
xls HEA02.xls [1.5 MB]
zip HEA.zip [4.3 MB]
Hispanic or Latino Population xls HIS01.xls [17 MB]
xls HIS02.xls [11 MB]
zip HIS.zip [5.8 MB]
Households xls HSD01.xls [17 MB]
xls HSD02.xls [15 MB]
zip HSD.zip [7.6 MB]
Housing xls HSG01.xls [17 MB]
xls HSG02.xls [17 MB]
xls HSG03.xls [17 MB]
xls HSG04.xls [17 MB]
xls HSG05.xls [5.6 MB]
zip HSG.zip [17 MB]
Income, Money (U.S. Census Bureau) xls INC01.xls [17 MB]
xls INC02.xls [175 MB]
xls INC03.xls [1.3 MB]
zip INC.zip [8.3 MB]
Income and Poverty xls IPE01.xls [17 MB] zip IPE.zip [4.1 MB]
Internal Revenue Service xls IRS01.xls [5.2 MB] zip IRS.zip [1.3 MB]
Labor Force (U.S. Census Bureau) xls LFE01.xls [17 MB]
xls LFE02.xls [17 MB]
xls LFE03.xls [3.9 MB]
zip LFE.zip [8.8 MB]
Land Area xls LND01.xls [1.5 MB] zip LND.zip [<1.0 MB]
Local Area Government xls LOG01.xls [17 MB]
xls LOG02.xls [11 MB]
zip LOG.zip [6.7 MB]
Manufactures — NAICS xls MAN01.xls [5.8 MB] zip MAN.zip [1.3 MB]
Manufactures — SIC xls MAS01.xls [1.6 MB] zip MAS.zip [<1.0 MB]
Nonemployer Statistics xls NES01.xls [17 MB]
xls NES02.xls [17 MB]
xls NES03.xls [17 MB]
xls NES04.xls [<1.0 MB]
zip NES.zip [12 MB]
Personal Income (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — NAICS xls PEN01.xls [3.8 MB] zip PEN.zip [<1.0 MB]
Personal Income (Bureau of Economic Analysis) — SIC xls PIN01.xls [16 MB] zip PIN.zip [4.1 MB]
Population — Total and Selected Characteristics xls POP01.xls [17 MB]
xls POP02.xls [17 MB]
xls POP03.xls [16 MB]
zip POP.zip [12 MB]
Population — Group Quarters xls PPQ01.xls [7.6 MB] zip PPQ.zip [1.7 MB]
Population — Total and Selected Characteristics xls PST01.xls [17 MB]
xls PST02.xls [9.8 MB]
zip PST.zip [6.4 MB]
Poverty xls PVY01.xls [17 MB]
xls PVY02.xls [3.8 MB]
zip PVY.zip [4.9 MB]
Race Data xls RHI01.xls [17 MB]
xls RHI02.xls [16 MB]
zip RHI.zip [7.5 MB]
Retail Trade — NAICS xls RTN01.xls [5.2 MB] zip RTN.zip [1.2 MB]
Retail Trade — SIC xls RTS01.xls [1.3 MB] zip RTS.zip [<1.0 MB]
Survey of Business Owners xls SBO01.xls [15 MB] zip SBO.zip [2.8 MB]
Sex Data xls SEX01.xls [8.6 MB] zip SEX.zip [2.0 MB]
Social Programs — Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) xls SPR01.xls [17 MB]
xls SPR02.xls [17 MB]
xls SPR03.xls [6.8 MB]
zip SPR.zip [9.7 MB]
Veterans xls VET01.xls [6.4 MB] zip VET.zip [1.5 MB]
Vital Statistics — Births, Deaths, and Infant Deaths xls VST01.xls [17 MB]
xls VST02.xls [7.4 MB]
zip VST.zip [5.7 MB]
Water Usage xls WAT01.xls [17 MB] zip WAT.zip [3.8 MB]
Wholesale Trade — NAICS xls WTN01.xls [6.1 MB] zip WTN.zip [1.4 MB]

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