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Report Number C2010BR-07
Christopher Mazur and Ellen Wilson
Component ID: #ti1756329454


This report, part of a series that analyzes data from the 2010 Census, highlights housing in 2010 and changes in housing characteristics between 2000 and 2010 in the nation, regions, states, metropolitan areas, counties, and ten most populous cities.

Focusing on housing characteristics is a basic way to understand housing markets and changes in housing throughout the nation. Since Census 2000, the housing industry has been impacted by various events and conditions that have resulted in noticeable shifts in housing characteristics within many parts of the nation. As a result, housing markets in areas across the nation shifted to reflect these changing conditions in the latter half of the decade.

A review of these events and circumstances, in combination with the housing characteristics data within this report, helps provide a greater understanding of housing in 2010 and the changes the nation has experienced in the past decade.

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