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Report Number P70BR-150
Rebecca Chenevert
Component ID: #ti1269205627

Earnings are generally associated with a steady paycheck.
However, earnings can include different types of payments.
For instance, some people may receive monthly
payments based on an annual salary only, while others
may receive weekly payments based on an hourly wage
per number of hours worked. People may also receive
additional payments for overtime or they may receive
additional payments based on performance, such as
bonuses, tips, or commissions. This analysis of the composition
of earnings helps us to better explain and understand
the economic well-being of individuals in the United

The data for this brief come from the 2014 Survey of
Income and Program Participation (SIPP) Panel Wave 1. This
brief examines the different types of pay received during
calendar year 2013, including wage and salary and extra
earnings (which collectively refer to commission, tips,
overtime, and bonus payments). This brief also provides
information on earnings by sex, age, race, and Hispanic

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