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Organizations across the country supported the 2020 Census. We regularly featured some of them here, looking at who they are and why an accurate census is so important to them.


Organization Name: LinkNYC

Headquarters: New York, NY


The LinkNYC communications network is replacing New York City pay phones with state-of-the-art kiosks called Links. Each Link provides 100 percent free services like high-speed Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging, access to maps and city services, and real-time local information.

To increase participation in the 2020 Census, LinkNYC offered free Wi-Fi for personal devices and a direct portal to the 2020 Census website on Link tablets so people can fill out their census form. LinkNYC is also using kiosks’ digital signage to raise awareness about the census and job opportunities.

By connecting to the Wi-Fi, using the direct portal to, or making a phone call, people in New York City can use Links to complete the 2020 Census. 

“It is critical for our communities across the five boroughs to complete the 2020 Census, which directly impacts the resources our city will receive in the future. LinkNYC is working to increase awareness of the census and ensure all New Yorkers can fill out their form, regardless of Internet access at home." 

– Alize Garcia, Community Affairs Manager of Link at Intersection

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