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1950 Census Records

On April 1, 2022, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) made population records from the 1950 Census available to the public for the first time.

How can I find my family?

You can search the 1950 Census population schedules by name and address. The Indian Reservation Schedules will also be searchable by reservation name. 

The overseas records for military personnel and their families living in Germany and Japan and those serving on merchant ships are not included.

Exploring the 1950 Census

1950 Census Records
The National Archives is releasing the 1950 Census records on April 1, 2022.

About the 1950 Census
The 1950 Census opens a window into one of the most transformative periods in modern American history, revealing a country of roughly 151 million people who had just recently emerged from the hardships and uncertainties of World War II and the Great Depression.

The History of the 1950 Census of Population and Housing
In all, the 1950 census found 481,545 Americans living and working abroad for the federal government or on a merchant ship — a marked increase from the 118,933 found in 1940.

A Stroke of Genealogy: Searching U.S. Census Bureau Records
In this course we walk you through working with historical records and introduce you to many important resources for accessing and using these records.

My Family Tree
Students can construct their own family trees and record the first census year in which they and their family members would have been counted.

Fun Facts: Exploring the 1950 Census
The Census Bureau began use of the first nonmilitary computer after completing the 1950 enumeration. UNIVAC I (for Universal Automatic computer), the first of a series, weighed 16,000 pounds and used 5,000 vacuum tubes!

Facts for Features & Special Editions
*Special Edition* 1950 Census Records Release
In this Special Edition FFF, we compare notable 1950 Census facts with the 2020 Census or other U.S. Census Bureau surveys and programs.

1950 Census Celebration Videos
Join a virtual celebration of the 1950 Census records release by watching remarks from the Archivist of the United States, the Director of the Census Bureau, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of the Interior, and other distinguished individuals.


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Page Last Revised - April 12, 2022
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