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Part 1 - Getting Started

This video demonstrates how to get started by navigating to the CE Diary website and logging in.

Part 2 - What to Enter in the CE Diary

This video discusses how you should enter everything that you purchase into the expenditure diary. It explains how purchases are divided into 4 different expense categories and describes what detailed information is required for each category.

The 4 expenditure categories are:

  • Food and Drink Away from home;
  • Food and Drink for Home Consumption;
  • Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, and Accessories; and
  • All Other Products and Services.

Part 3 - Entering and Editing Expenses

This video demonstrates the process of adding an expense entry to the diary and how the expense can be edited or deleted. The video also provides a few detailed examples of how to enter expenses for each category using receipts as a record source.


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