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Infographics & Visualizations

Explore Census data with infographics and visualizations covering a broad range of topics.


Community Resilience Estimates For Equity
The CRE program provides an easily understood metric of how at-risk every county and neighborhood (census tract) is in the United States.
Monthly State Retail Sales
View year-over-year change in monthly state retail sales for different NAICS sectors.
Decennial Census Microfilm Scanning Progress by Week
This visualization represents the number of microfilm reels scanned into digital images for a given week.
Gender Pay Gap: 2021
The earnings wage gap by sex portrays the difference between median earnings for men and women who worked full-time, year-round in the past 12 months.
Progress on Microfilm Reel Preparation and Scanning
Microfilm reels containing images from the decennial censuses are digitally scanned to create digital images of the original forms.
U.S. Census Bureau Building Permits Survey
View new privately owned housing unit authorizations.
Business Trends and Outlook Survey Data
The BTOS provides insight into the state of the economy by providing timely data for key economic measures and business expectations about future conditions.
Global Market Finder: An Interactive Tool for U.S. Exporters
View exports for U.S. goods by Schedule B commodity codes.
Highlighting Multigenerational Households in Recognition of AIAN Month
This graphic shows states with the highest number of AIAN households with three generations or more.
Children's Living Arrangements
Children under 18 years and marital status of parents by age of the child from 2007 to 2023.
Family Groups: 2023
This visualization presents estimates for family groups in the United States by race/ethnicity.
Parent/Child Family Groups With Children Under 18
This visualization filters by race/ethnicity and family type for family groups.
Parents' Living Arrangements
Parents who live with their children under 18 by sex and age of children from 2007 to 2023.
Business Formation Statistics (BFS)
View multiple interactive Business Formation Statistics (BFS) visualizations.
Business Formation Statistics by State
View high-propensity business applications and their quarter-to-quarter changes from 2018 Q4 to 2019 Q1.
Business Owners With a Disability by Minority Status: 2021
This graphic shows the percent of business owners that have a disability and the percent of veteran business owners that have a service-connected disability.
Monthly Comparisons for Selected State Tax Collections
The SMSTC features monthly state tax collections created using administrative data.
Population Projections by Age, Sex, Nativity, and Hispanic Origin
View population projections up to 2060 based on age, sex, nativity, Hispanic origin, and projection series.
Percentage of Employer Firms by Size of Firm
This graphic shows the percentage of employer firms by size of firm for Women-Owned, Minority-Owned and Hispanic-Owned businesses.
CPS Historical Time Series Visualizations on School Enrollment
The visualization of the historical CPS time series tables for School Enrollment.
Veterans Day
This visualization shows the percentage of veterans among the civilian population aged 18 and over.
State Facts for Students
Brings data close to home by helping students collect, analyze, and compare kid-friendly information about their own state.
Cannabis Excise Sales Tax
View quarterly tax revenue for cannabis excise sales tax by state.
Aging Asia
This infographic shows trends and transitions in the world's most populous continent.
How Did COVID-19 Affect School Finances?
View current spending per pupil, revenues by source, total expenditures, and more from the Annual Survey of School System Finances.
How Did Manufacturing Profits Change: 2023 Q1 to Q2
How did manufacturing profits change?
Income (Loss) After Income Taxes for Computer and Peripheral Equipment
Income (loss) after income taxes for computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing from Q1 2018 to Q2 2023.
Manufacturing Data From the Annual Survey of Manufactures
Manufacturing data from the Annual Survey of Manufactures.
Manufacturing Industries Percentage of Total Assets
Manufacturing industries percentage of total assets in property, plant, and equipment in 2023 Q2.
Manufacturing in America
Manufacturing in America.
Monthly HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing 2022-2023
Monthly ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment manufacturing from 2022-2023.
Monthly Value of Shipments and Total Inventories for Petroleum
Monthly value of shipments and total inventories for petroleum refineries manufacturing for 2022–2023.
Monthly Value of Shipments for Industrial Machinery: 2022–2023
Monthly value of shipments for industrial machinery from 2022–2023.
Monthly Value of Shipments for U.S. Total Manufacturing: 2022–2023
Monthly value of shipments for U.S. total manufacturing for 2022–2023.
Highest Number of Employees for Hispanic-Owned Employer Businesses
This graphic show the sectors with the highest number of employees for Hispanic-Owned employer businesses.
Homeownership by Race and Ethnicity of Householder
View the differences in homeownership rate, number of homeowners, and number of housing units between 2010 and 2020.
Page Last Revised - April 14, 2023
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