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Working Paper Number SEHSD-WP1986-03 or SIPP-WP-17
Constance F. Citro and Harold W. Watts
Component ID: #ti1080266381

This paper reports early findings and work underway on some studies of the short-run dynamics of household membership and economic status. The Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), as well as its precursor survey, the 1979 Research Panel of the Income Survey Development Program (ISDP), provides monthly panel data on household composition, family status, and current income flows. When a full set of data from a SIPP panel is available, we will be able to analyze time series up to 32 months in length. The ISDP provides 12 months of data for the full panel and 15 months for a subset. Time series on a monthly basis, with proper matching of household demographic and economic characteristics, offer exciting possibilities for analysis of how changes in both categories of variables may influence each other and how each is affected by properly exogenous factors. This paper represents some preliminary efforts to move forward toward such analyses.

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