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Beyond Concurrent Interviews: An Evaluation of Cognitive Interviewing Techniques for Self-Administered questionnaires

Cleo Redline, Richard Smiley, Meredith Lee, and Theresa DeMaio
Component ID: #ti583385479


In the last decade, the application of cognitive psychology to the development of survey questions and questionnaires has advanced greatly. Evidence to this effect comes from the fact that many institutions from around the world have come to rely considerably upon laboratories employing cognitive interviewing techniques to evaluate survey questions and questionnaires (see, e.g., * DeMaio and Rothgeb, 1996; Akkerboom and Dehue, 1997). Two of the most widely described cognitive interviewing techniques are the concurrent and retrospective interviews (see, e.g., Ericcson and Simon, 1980; Forsyth and Lessler, 199 1). In concurrent interviews, subjects are asked to verbalize the process they go through to answer a question as they progress through a questionnaire. In retrospective interviews, subjects are asked at the end of the interview to verbalize thoughts about questions they answered earlier in the questionnaire.

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