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Report on Cognitive Interviews on Two Six-Person Census Forms: Accordion and Bifold

Working Paper Number sm1999-01
Theresa J. DeMaio and Cleo D. Redline
Component ID: #ti2138681230


This report contains the results of cognitive testing of six-person census short forms conducted by the Census Bureau. In May, 1998, cognitive testing of two six-person census short forms was conducted simultaneously by the Census Bureau, the University of Michigan, and Washington State University. The forms tested were the accordion and bifold structures, and the results of the testing by the University of Michigan and Washington State University were distributed in a memorandum dated July 30, 1998. The findings of the Census Bureau's research were similar to those of the contractors - that is, the research demonstrated that the bifold was preferable to the accordion in respondents' ability to navigate through the form and in the completeness of the information obtained.

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