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Working Paper Number SM1999-02
Theresa J. DeMaio and Ashley D. Landreth
Component ID: #ti519406954


Center for Survey Methods Research (CSMR) staff conducted cognitive interviews to test some revisions to health insurance questions for the Wave 12 SIPP instrument. The changes were specific to health care situations for persons who have no health insurance. This memorandum provides the results of that testing. Between July 23rd and August 11th to support this testing, eight cognitive interviews were conducted. The test questionnaire contained questions from the core instrument, from the Wave 12 Medical Expenses and Utilization Topical Module, and from the Wave 8 Welfare Reform Module. These questions were needed to provide information for the question fills for the target test questions and to establish skip patterns. In addition, new roster probes and demographic items under development for the SIPP Methods Panel were included in the questionnaire. The questions were adapted to be administered on paper. Because the focus of questionnaire revisions was questions about medical service use in the reference period by uninsured persons, we recruited respondents who did not have health insurance.

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