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Jenny Hess


Enclosed are two reports on results of the cognitive testing conducted on the residential history questions for the Survey of Program Dynamics 2000. Dr. Robert Belli (Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan) prepared the first report under contract with CSMR. I prepared the second report. Both reports detail the problems found during cognitive testing. Dr. Belli's report provides general recommendations for revising the questions at the end of the report. In addition to the two reports, there are several attachments. Attachment A is a copy of the questionnaire tested and interviewing protocol. Attachment B is the residential history calendar that was used during the cognitive testing. Attachment C details respondent characteristics for the interviews I conducted. Attachment D contains item-by-item recommendations for revising the questionnaire and calendar as well as issues raised during cognitive testing that need to be resolved. Attachment E is a draft questionnaire based on the recommendations contained in Attachment D and the Belli report. Note that Attachment E does not address all the issues raised in the reports, but is provided in order to give readers the general flow of the recommended questionnaire.

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