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Deborah H. Griffin, Joan K. Broadwater, Theresa F. Leslie, Pamela D. McGovern, David A. Raglin
Component ID: #ti1811900431

Executive Summary

At the request of Congress, the Census Bureau conducted a test to provide answers to key questions about the impact, if any, that a change to voluntary methods would have on mail response, survey quality, and costs of the American Community Survey (ACS). Meeting 21st Century Demographic Data Needs - Implementing the American Community Survey, Report 3: Testing the Use of Voluntary Methods, answers these key questions (U.S. Census Bureau, 2003). This report provides additional results from that test including greater detail for some of the measures included in the initial report. This report also examines if different mandatory and voluntary messages had an effect on the willingness of respondents to return questionnaires in the mail (mail cooperation) and their willingness to provide complete survey data (data completeness).

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