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Bor-Chung Chen


In this report, we demonstrate the CANCEIS (CANadian Census Edit and Imputation System) experiments of edit and imputation with the 2006 test data. The major effort is to translate the if-then-else rules of current edit and imputation system of the decennial census into the decision logic tables (DLT) of CANCEIS. We also formulate the input files that are needed to run the CANCEIS software. The advantages of using DLT are that it is easy to understand the edit rules; and DLTs are input, not part of the software, making it easier to change when edit rules are changed. We also compare the imputation results between the CANCEIS experiments and the 2006 Census Edited File. The comparison is for our curiosity because the constructed DLTs are not identical to the edit rules specified in the 2006 edit specs. Although the edit rules are not identical, the comparison still shows some similarities between the CEF and CANCEIS results.

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