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An Accessibility Evaluation of the Census Learning Management System

Lawrence Malakhoff
Component ID: #ti1928006935


Since June 2001, Federal regulations have required that U.S. Government Web sites and other software developed by or for the U.S. Government provide comparable access to the information for all users. Computer users who have visual and or other disabilities are entitled to have the same access as users who do not currently have any disabilities Some practitioners consider accessibility to be a subset of usability, while others think of accessibility as related, but separate from usability. Accessibility guidelines have several checkpoints that address more general usability, such as a logical tab order, dividing large information blocks into more manageable groups, and using the clearest and simplest language appropriate. Even if the application complies with the regulation, it still may not be usable, as the Census Bureau’s Usability Lab has found in other testing. Both usability and accessibility testing need to be done to identify problems that actual users may have.

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