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Evaluating the Public Information Campaign for the 1980 Census-Results of the KAP Survey

Jeffrey C. Moore
Component ID: #ti715301348


The Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) Survey was a major component of the effort to evaluate the effectiveness of the 1980 public information campaign.  The KAP project employed a pre/post survey design and an accompanying record check of census response behavior.  The first phase of the survey was carried out in late January and early February of 1980, before the campaign’s major build-up; a second non-overlapping sample was interviewed in late March, at the approximate peak of campaign activity.  This report presents KAP results as they pertain to the four major goals of the outreach effort:  (1) to inform the American public that a census was to be taken, (2) to inform the people how and why they were to be counted, (3) to foster favorable attitudes toward the census, and (4) to elicit mail response cooperation.

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