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Qualitative Testing of the 2010 Census Enumeration of Transitory Locations (ETL) Forms

Nathan Jurgenson and Jennifer Hunter Childs
Component ID: #ti1393916337


This report documents the first qualitative testing of the Enumeration of Transitory Locations, a new Census operation for 2010. Transitory Locations are those where people often live or stay temporarily in between moving from place to place. Examples of these types of locations where people may be staying who have no other usual place to stay include Recreational Vehicle (RV) parks, campgrounds, hotels, motels, marinas, racetracks, circuses, fairs, and carnivals. The ETL form solicits information very similar to that of the mailout census form and the Enumerator Questionnaire used for Nonresponse Followup (NRFU). In this report, we describe how the ETL operation was tested and what results were found. The most significant finding was the considerable trouble interviewers had in gathering addresses of the transitory locations. Major changes were recommended to the layout of the ETL questionnaire and the other forms. Operational issues are also discussed. 

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